Vegan Mumbai is the fastest growing trendy community in city. Through our events and social media channels, we provide an easy to access platform to keep you connected with fellow vegans and local vegan biz.


Who can join?
Everyone is welcome as long as person is decided not to eat animals and do not induce cruelty to them by buying or using animal by-products which directly or indirectly harms to animals. We support political ideologies which bring justice to every animals as well as equality for human being.

How to join it?
To join us, simply leave your intro at WhatsApp or Email. Here, you do not need to fill any form or go through any lengthy registration procedure. You will receive daily broadcast and updates on our potlucks or meetup events.

What is Membership Fee?
There is no fee for joining and it will remain be FREE.

How do we raise funds?
We are a self-sustainable organisation and we do not accept any kinds of donations. We raise funds by selling or endorsing vegan products or services.

Is there any charge for attending events?
Most of events are sponsored by our vendors / partners therefore we provide free entry for all members.